Still slogging along…

It’s the dog days of summer that’s for sure.   A few days it’s been under 100 but those are usually when the monsoons blow through.  High humidity and the possibility of an inch or so of rain in an hour.  Then the sun comes out.  In addition to the porta-cool and a couple of fans circulating hot air out of the garage (insert joke about post here…) I picked up a magnetic fan/clock/thermometer to give me some localized airflow.

Stock photo, it wasn’t 70 in the shop today.  It was about 108.  But it’s a dry heat…

In action with my USB battery pack.  It can run off an AC adapter but I’m no fan of power cords when I’m down under the car especially when I’m rolling in and out on the creeper.

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Heat soak tests

From a thread at VMF I decided to run some tests using thermal imaging to see what the effect of the exhaust riser crossover under the carb in the intake manifold was with regards to heat soak.  We talk about it a bit at  .  The car in question isn’t too far from me here in the valley.  Same sort of environmental issues.  So I decided to shoot some images over 10-15 mins to see what the heating characteristics are like in a 289 2V.

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Lower front arms and a bit of tool time

Driver side lower front arm has a bit of a refurb and is ready to go on.  A bit more than I anticipated but done none the less.

I love tools.  Even the kids the work for me.   I absolutely don’t need some of the high end stuff I get but I like to use good tools and I more or less collect them.  Things I use that may not be available anywhere but the tool truck. You certainly don’t need tool truck tools to work on your classic Mustang (or pretty much any classic). Way back when I did an engine swap in the first car I owned a 69 Datsun 521 truck with a basic set of Craftsman hand tools and a rented engine hoist. A good set of combination wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers and sockets will get most things done along with a hammer or two and a voltmeter.

These days a set of Harbor Freight or Kobalt tools and you’re good to go.  HF has come a long way since I first visited the Tacoma store nearly 20 years ago. There are still some things that aren’t so good at HF.  Here are a couple.

The presses are a good value.  The press plates are junk and potentially dangerous.  There are many stories around the web about them breaking.  Here’s mine.

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